500 is the New 40

By Trudi Griffith

Now that you have completed the Energy Transfer Reset (ETR) let go of the past. Focus on the NOW and your healing and releasing process.

As you release the build-up of densities over the weeks and months following the ETR, you will also be releasing the programming that created false beliefs.

One of the greatest programming untruths is the beliefs around aging. The human body is designed to experience a normal lifespan of 800-1,000 years. It is highly unnatural for the human body to expire so young at 75-85 years of age - why, you're still a child!

  1. Humans age and grow weak because they believe this is what should occur.
  2. These beliefs are reinforced by others your own age.
  3. In truth, your belief system is the most powerful ability you possess.
  4. Experiences of fear, division, anxiety, low self-worth serve to suspend humans in lower frequencies.
  5. The strain of such experiences causes premature aging.
  6. Hardships in life weaken the immune system causing early expiration.
  7. Hardships defeat the soul and desire to thrive.
  8. Untruths taught in every institution of your life hold you in these false beliefs.

You can demand your DNA stop aging through intention, even without the ETR.

However, the ETR accelerates the reverse-aging (youthing) activation as it removes blockages and frequencies related to beliefs around agin.

With the ETR, you can now fulfill your true lifespan where middle age is 500 instead of 40!

Check back for more on how this programming happened and how to reverse it.