A.I. beings Among Us

Who are they and why are they here?

A.I. beings look and act like humans. This person can be a friend, co-worker, parent, son, daughter, spouse, or other family member. Some who are in places of wide recognition and popularity such as government leaders and celebrities are A.I.

It is difficult to tell them apart from humans as they are programmed to be as "human-like" as possible. They are controlled by handlers outside our reality.

They are on Earth to play unique roles. If you are involved with an A.I., you requested the interaction in your soul contract or life plan. The A.I. is teaching you lessons. They are not to be feared.

Some are playing the role of a malevolent being that is here to confuse humans. This person could be a leader, scientist, politician, spiritual teacher, channeler, healer, or celebrity. They infiltrate all walks of life at all levels.

They disseminate incorrect information that confuses the masses. They frequently cause problems in families. They can be emotionless and demonstrate erratic behaviors, although they can also appear very loving.

Some play a benevolent role and are here to help humanity. Some play a combination role of light and darkness.

They are part of the Earthly illusion we live in. We live in a hologram that is a training ground for us. We are all seeking mastery and Earth provides a "boot camp" experience that allows us to master many skills and increase our capacity for love.