understanding the
youthing process

By Trudi Griffith

After receiving the Energy Transfer Reset (ETR), practitioners remain available to support the client and ensure a full understanding of the continuing process and to answer questions for clarity moving forward. Many questions arise, and some are more predominant than others.

One question that continues to confuse those who receive the ETR is the "youthing process."

It is important to understand that the removal of the soul contract never restores anything harmful related to dysfunction or illness from the past. If you had a health issue as a young person, removing your soul contract and starting the youthing process will not restore this health issue.

When asked for an age of the healthiest, happiest state from the past, some people will say, "I've never been healthy," and begin listing diagnoses that plagued them from their youth. So they are then asked to state the condition they would like their body to hold.

If you are one who has encountered ongoing health issues and do not remember a healthy state in your past, here are some suggestions for manifesting your youthing process:

  1. Perfect height-to-weight ratio
  2. A physical vessel that is youthful, energetic, and strong
  3. Beautiful skin that is flawless, even toned, smooth, soft, and supple
  4. Perfect eyesight and hearing
  5. Healthy hair that is strong, smooth, shiny, and thick
  6. Organs with optimal performance

These are suggestions to give you ideas to describe your intentions with youthing. Be specific and use your imagination. Remember, you are manifesting a new body and new state of being!

You must maintain a state of belief in the youthing process to allow the healing energies to restore and transform your body.

The human body was programmed to live almost 1,000 years. The man Methuselah lived to be 969 years of age. What allowed him to reach this age? His belief system.

Manifest a youthful body and appearance by believing it is possible.