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For a couple of months, my vibration level was low and kept getting lower.  I could not raise my vibration and was not a happy camper.  I had forgotten to use come clearing techniques as a regular practice and as a consequence found myself in that space.  During the session after you asked me to relax, get comfortable,I decided to lay in the middle of the floor on a rug and breathe deep.  Shortly after we started, you stated, the energy transfer has started.  Within a few seconds, I could see myself through my mind's eye rising up off the floor and my chest did and yet I was laying on the ground.  As I saw the image of me rising up off the floor, I felt a huge pipe of energy, similar to the size of a bowling ball, come from the chest.That felt like a weight was lifted off my chest.  The following two days I've been happier and happier.  Yesterday I felt JOY which I had not felt in a couple of months. This was amazing!   - Sherry




Thank you so much Beverly. My life has taken a turn for the better after having just one energy transfer. I suffered from a lifetime of abuse and trauma from a family member which I had suppressed. This subsequently sent me down a very negative emotional path. Beverly guided me through an energy transfer session. I had never done anything like this before so I wasn't sure what to expect. But within no more than a few days after the transfer, I was beginning to feel incredible shifts in consciousness out of my depressive state. I am now able to access my higher dimensional aspects and abilities. I feel so  energized, loving, and lighter. Thank you so much for using your abilities to heal those who are living in darkness! -Vihanga










Beverly's attentiveness and connection with me was fulfilling and amazing. I loved how she was patient, encouraging, and so helpful. Our session went overtime but she was committed to giving me what I needed. Thank you so much Beverly! Love you! - Anjli


I loved my session with Beverly. I had an energy transfer reset done for myself, my 8 year old son, and my dog who has been dealing with a lot of health issues. My son and I have felt better and better with each passing day. I also noticed that my ability to manifest has gone through the roof! So has my son's! Also our dog has been so much better! It's amazing. He has been having heart issues and it was giving him low energy and he seemed depressed. Within a day he was more energetic. It has now been a week and he is actually playful and running around. We have been diligent about the cloud clearing process too, which seemed to help the integration of the reset happen with more ease and quickness. I also was able to ask some questions and get some much needed answer channeled through Beverly from my higher self. I highly recommend her or the other intuitive healers that she is working with. Soooo worth it. I got my mom a session too! – Jade


Beverly Nation is a gifted teacher, mentor, and MASTER. She gives you all she can and makes you feel so welcome and loved. Her warmth comes right thru the computer screen. She's knows how to teach by delivering information systematically

with loads of LOVE. - Kelly


Beverly is like the sweetest most loving person you could talk to. She answered my questions although 30 minutes is just not enough time. Anyway, I asked about my husband and she stated that we have been together many times before. I just recently started learning how to read in the Akashic Records and went back and stated re-reading my journal entries. And there it was. Those same words Beverly said I wrote months earlier and forgotten about. Amazing. And now I know, I am reading the Akash. Anyway, call her to be amazed and to feel good about yourself. - Barbara


I Love Beverly Nation!  She's sweet and kind and wants the best for everyone.
She's down to earth, calming and helpful. Her services are very reasonably priced, which allows everyone to participate, which is so important right now.
I will use Beverly's services again and encourage others to do the same. I'm so glad she found this path to help others to learn and grow. I wish Beverly all the best and hope she keeps on helping even when she gets busier, which is about to happen with her upcoming radio and TV shows. 
– Susan


I can't believe how calm I've become since my energy transfer reset. Even in the most stressful situations, I can remember to go in. My Spirit connection has become MUCH stronger. I'm so grateful! – Ora


Beverly, with the assistance of her guides and my guides provided me with an energy transfer private session and it was incredible. She also, with their help provided me with information that I did not know about myself and it was very enlightening and inspiring. I found out that I was an 10th dimension Andromedan and 12th dimension Pleiadian star seed. I have incarnated on Gaia 65 times. I learned that I was also clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I have been following Beverly for some time now and consider her my number one source for truth information. I highly recommend Beverly for her genuine unconditional love to help other's. – Russell


I instantly felt lighter after my Energy Transfer Reset began. I feel so grateful for Beverly’s Intuitive way of connecting with and delivering message from my Spirit Team. – Meagan


I had an energy transfer reset last Saturday. It was wonderful. I immediately felt a connection to the other group members. I could feel energy working on my body during the reset. I had almost no pain for three days. First time since 2009! I can feel the changes in my body already. I recommend this to EVERYONE! Change your life. Raise your frequency. – Drucilla


Very powerful process! For me and those looped in with me! Early days, but food tastes amazing! Smell keener, renewed zest for life- was able to do something today socially I’d NEVER been able to do before on my old timeline...I have communications with my guides like NEVER before....feel that anything is possible and that I truly have CHOICE now. Ditched my old timeline!!! Many, many, thanks! Looking forward to the training....have more discipline effortlessly in choosing healthier foods!!! – Lillian


I so enjoyed my ten-question reading from Beverly! It was like a breath of fresh air to get confirmation for my own inner knowing. I particularly enjoyed the specifics that Beverly was able to share with me that I didn't know! It was very helpful and insightful, and I shall be back for more! What a wonderful service you are providing. Bless you Beverly! – Rowan












What an amazing journey!

Beverly has taught me how to communicate with my spirit guides, how to raise my vibrations and so much more! The energy transfer that she performed made my soul tingle! I recommend her guidance to EVERYONE! - Gina




Beverly Nation energy healer  / spiritual teacher / manifesting coach / Channeling Medium



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