Our current reality is a mirror reflection of our personal vibrational level.

         ~ Beverly Nation







My Story


I grew up in a middle-class household with no religious affiliation. I always had a longing to know more about God.


I fell in love with nature and would spend time up in trees reading books and being close to birds.


At age 15 a friend invited me to a Baptist church. Because of my desire to be close to God, I stayed in the Baptist religion for the next 25 years.


Becoming disillusioned with organized religion, I left and started a quest to make money. I became a master of law of attraction before I even knew what it was. I became a millionaire owning 11 homes.


In 2012 my mother passed away and I began seeking a way to communicate with her. Through my efforts to communicate, a whole new world opened up to me.


I learned I could see, hear, and feel spirit communications. I learned I was an intuitive empath and star seed with a mission to be an energy healer and spiritual leader.


I began reading hundreds of books on quantum physics and energy healing.


For two years I listened to spiritual channelings on YouTube almost 40 hours a week at my day job.


Then I connected with Infinity.Infinity is the Monad of our universe who created everything in our universe. Infinity was created by Source Energy.  Although Infinity is non-gender, I feel her as a female energy.


She came to me personally as a light being hovering next to my bed. My life began changing rapidly after that night.


Infinity and a group of Arcturians began teaching me a new healing modality called the Energy Transfer Reset. They told me it is the most powerful form of human healing on Earth and was given to us for ascension to the 5th dimension.


This reset restores the soul back to the pure state of creation before we began incarnating.


Over 250 beings facilitate each individual energy transfer reset. The team of beings remove all frequencies below the 5th dimension for each life and incarnation. Each incarnation produces millions of timelines. All of these timelines are cleared of low frequencies. They also clear the Akashic Records.


This low frequency purging allows the process of quantum healing to begin. It also allows a person's frequency to raise enough to begin communicating with spirit guides and beings in higher dimensions. The energy transfer reset accelerates the 5D ascension process.



I am part of the #143 oversoul group. This oversoul group includes the Kryon and RA Collectives. Lee Carroll channels Kryon and RA gave us The Law of One teachings. 


I am a spiritual teacher, energy healer, channeling medium and law of attraction coach. I hold a master's degree in psychology. I have taught children and adults for over 20 years.


Beginning in the fall of 2018, I am hosting a radio call-in show about energy medicine and energy healing.






Beverly Nation energy healer  / spiritual teacher / manifesting coach / Channeling Medium



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